Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What to consider before appointing a freelance PHP Developers

With the advantage of different web technologies multiple new applications are emerging. PHP is one such technologically advanced application that has become highly popular due to the user-friendly way of functioning. Today it is one of the most accepted programming languages that make the website runs smoothly. Hiring a PHP developer has become a trend. To make an effective website hiring a PHP designer is always essential.

freelance PHP web developer

Selecting a PHP freelance developr India can be tough in case you don't know where to look for an efficient developer. Read this post to know how to select an experienced PHP developer. Freelancer PHP designer is infinite but to find out the proper one for your business can be little confusing for you if you don’t know where to look for.

How to select freelance PHP developers in India?

  • Don’t appoint a programmer only based on the talk. Scan the portfolio of the developer. Look for versatility in the portfolio. Ask for the reference of previous clients. Ask if he can show you any testimonials of the clients.
  • Don’t rely on the level of the skills of any freelance PHP web developer. Programming is one type of skill that becomes more improved with experience. So always go for such developers who have enough experience. It’s always advised to go for the PHP programmer who has at least five years of expertise in web developing.
  • Don't choose any programmer who has expertise only in PHP and doesn't know anything else. Expert PHP programmer should always be well versed with HTML, MYSQL, CSS and even JavaScript to go with the PHP skill. Knowledge regarding these all languages will help the programmer to design the website in a better way.
  • Do not consider any PHP developer who isn't willing to disclose their strategy. You shouldn't consider the developer as because you should always be aware of what the programmer is going to provide you.
  • Don’t choose someone randomly. Look for the perfect skill set and then choose someone who will be able to deliver the customized solution for your website.
  • Don’t go for PHP freelancer who lack in communication skill. Communication skill is necessary in order to convey his or her requirement. If you are choosing someone who lacks in communication skills, then it will affect the result.

Some do's while selecting the developer

If you are about to hire a dedicated developer, don't pursuit him or pressurize about the work but demand a regular work report so that at the end of the day you get a perfect idea of how much work has been done in a day.

Always choose a freelance PHP developer who will be able to work with any exciting PHP Frameworks. Do’s and do not's that are mentioned here will be obviously helpful for your business. A well-manufactured website will be a good addition for the betterment of your business.

A properly curated website is all you need when you want to experience real growth of your business.

Friday, December 2, 2016

How to convert PSD to responsive HTML or WordPress with Bootstrap

As technology advances and sharper and newer devices flood the market, your website should not end up becoming a fossil in the age of tablets, smartphones, and other hand-held devices. Today, using smartphones to browse the internet while on the move is the most ordinary behavior observes among users. Receiving various internal newsletters, surfing for information, paying bills online etc is the buzzword today. Your web page requires being compatible with these platforms and the fast-changing interfaces.

PSD to responsive HTML

In former times, it was sufficient if you created a web page that was friendly with a desktop or laptop screen. A finicky style and pixel format would be implemented for all pages which were most suited to the unchanging sizes of most laptop or desktop screens. The initial draft design or mock-up were done in Photoshop and these PSD files had to convert design to HTML for readability and web-compatibility, as images or graphics are not readable on the web.

Today, however, the issues have risen exponentially. HTML has to be optimized for smaller and smaller screens. They could be inferior powered devices such as tablets or smartphone screens as well as the older laptop or desktop configurations. Portrait or landscape options should be available. Downloads have to be accurate, efficient and fast. Hence, you have to make sure that there is huge fluidity in the design. Cross-browser compatibility is another significant feature which has to be kept in mind while using HTML.

Keeping all these features in mind, converting PSD to bootstrap company is a crucial aspect of the responsive website. It supports cutting-edge multimedia and also makes sure that the material is decipherable by both humans and non-human devices such as browsers and computers. Today, more than a quarter of the world’s sites uses this version particularly social networking websites and search engines. It is extremely supportive of drawing, audio, video, and animation.

PSD to bootstrap company

Converting the PSD files to HTML 5 is a job best left to the professionals. If you require maintaining the integrity of your responsive design, a seamless alteration has to take place. Many creative experts do not wish to engage in the dreary coding and legwork that is required for this, hence they may use free download software to do these conversions.

However, unless you are willing to test and waste a lot of effort or time, a conversion of PSD to WordPress service can be competently done by an expert conversion service provider. You may have to do your groundwork before you are going to a conversion services provider. You should know the pros and cons associated with this service. Analyze and understand your web page's necessities thoroughly. Converse to as many competent experts as possible and get references and suggestions from them. Pick a top-quality service supplier as against one that provides cheaper services. This works out more economical and beneficial in the long run.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Boost Website Performance with Psd to Html Conversion Service?

Creating a website that is attractive and rich in features is crucial for your business and to create such a website, it is vital to implement designs and graphics that can draw the visitor's attention. The performance of the website also plays a wonderful role in the success of your business and developers are adopting proven techniques like psd to html5 conversion service to boost the performance of the website so that their customers can enjoy visitor engagement, more traffic, and bigger conversion rates.

psd to html5 conversion service

Research has confirmed that reducing the extent of the page from 100 KB to 70 KB helped them to load the pages quicker and enhance the traffic by 12% to 258%. PSD to HTML5 conversion is an excellent practice to boost your website performance.

Advantages of creating an HTML5 site using psd to html5 conversion service

HTML5 is a superior web standard that has made the process simple for creating an effectual website. PSD based sites have the entire web page created with a variety of images, and this typically slows down the page loading time which is extremely annoying to the users. HTML5 uses the CSS3 codes that get rid of using of images where it is not obligatory. This aids to make the web pages load quicker and make a better experience for the web visitors. Conversion of psd to html code thereby helps to enhance the performance of the website.

Less development price

Slicing the files for psd to html5 conversion service may be a time-consuming procedure and can also be pricey. Designing in the browser straightforwardly is a cheaper option, but the conversion procedure is beneficial for site projects as it helps to keep away from the implementation of incorrect designs in the final result that may prove to be pricier later.

Compatible with diverse browsers

Most sites have now converted from PSD to HTML5 as such websites can adjust to diverse mobile devices with varying display sizes. Since people use tablets, smartphones to remain attached and to browse websites, it is significant to create a responsive site so that it is compatible across diverse types of browsers. If you are well-known with the basic HTML, CSS, and other fundamental web technologies and have a clear understanding of the typography, color schemes etc. then it is simple to boost the performance of the website and draw more visitors.

Select the accurate CMS

Business frequently has lots of functional data that is collected from the clients, their shopping patterns or etc. Such type of data is invaluable and helps in the development of the business and in planning newer strategies. Choosing the accurate CMS allows publishers and managers to manage the web content without difficulty. And psd file to html conversion allows improving the experience of the visitors on your site.

conversion of psd to html

A well-organized website ensures easy execution of diverse work stages while keeping professionalism. It is always suggested to keep the design of the website with content flexibility in mind as the website may change with a definite increase or decrease of content. Thus, PSD to HTML conversion can reduce expenses in a long run and save a lot of time and also boost the performance of your site.